Our extensions contain only the finest 100% Remy Human Hair. What makes our extensions special and different from the rest of the brands on the market is that Glo Couture are thick from root to tip. A single Glo Couture gives you the volume and length that you need to add thickness, body and length instantly without damaging bonding, gluing, taping, clipping or weaving

Our Extensions are 70-120 grams depending on the length you choose. But weight Isn’t Everything do not be surprised by the high number! When it comes down to hair extensions, weight is only one part to take into account when searching for quality. A common mistake when searching for quality hair is the heaver the hair extensions, the thicker the hair. Some brands add shorter hairs to bring up the weight of their extensions leaving you with heavy roots and frail, wispy ends. What makes our extensions special and different from the rest of the brands on the market is that Glo Couture are thick from root to tip. The most important for an even, healthy-looking finish is an extension that is thick all the way to the ends.


Remy Human Hair is the best quality superior grade hair on the market. This is because the hair still has its outer cuticle layer and all of the follicles face in the same direction just like natural following human hair. Glo Couture Extensions last longer; feel silky with minimal shedding and tangling.


Swiftly and effortlessly transform your hair. Add instant volume and length. Glo Couture Extensions are a quick and easy way to change your look in minutes. Whether it’s for a special night out, or just to simply add some luxurious hair to your everyday routine. Glo Couture Extensions are a quick and simple way to change your look instantly.

Glo Couture is temporary and a new alternative to bonding, gluing, taping, clipping or weaving. It is literally unnoticeable and stays in place perfectly with the weight of your own hair over top of an undetectable clear wire. It’s easy to do yourself and takes less than a minute to put on.

Glo Couture is made from 100% Remy Human Hair. Treat it like your own hair, you can use a blow dryers, curling irons, strengtheners, brush it, wash it, cut it and style it as you wish

Glo Couture Extensions are available in 3 lengths, 12”, 16” or 20” and an extensive range of 20 different shades to choose from. Similar to a bra strap simply adjust the wire to fit your head by using the appropriate size that works for you. Slip it on and pull your own hair over the top for an instant transformation!




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