Should the Lakers Be Dismissed?

No, the Los Angeles Lakers should not only be dismissed to acquire the 2019-20 NBA championship because they have their own star duo that can match up with the Clippers at LeBron James and Anthony Davis. (Side note: How insane are Clippers-Lakers games likely to be next season?)
Will it actually mean the Lakers need to try now to acquire the title? Sure, but that will be easier said than done sitting on their hands on many of free agency whilst anticipating Kawhi Leonard’s choice.
The Lake Show’s supporting cast is a dumpster fire compared to what the Staples Center roommates can put on the court and unless there are more veteran buyouts to come on board to the purple and gold (ahem, Andre Iguodala), the reality is that even with LeBron and the Brow, they are just outgunned.
I wouldn’t touch them right now at +400 to win the title and I don’t feel bad for some of the suckers who took them at +185 with some sportsbooks if it had been projected that they were becoming Kawhi too.

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